How you can flatten a wig


Wigs, though they are made of natural human hair or synthetic, may often have curls or strays. Most especially if the wig is new, in which the packaging could result in a messy array of hairs.

Read below for ways on how you can flatten a wig:

Wash the wig with a shampoo which is suitable for the kind of wig you have, whether it is natural or synthetic.

Spray a detangler on the wig while it is still damp. Brush the wig thoroughly, make sure to focus on the tangled or raised spots.

Use a hairspray afterwards to set the shape.

Natural human hair

natural human hair

For a wig made up of natural human hair, you can flatten tough or wavy spots by using a flat iron. However, you should make sure that you would do quick strokes in order to avoid heat damage.

Synthetic Wig

synthetic wigYou can place the wig along with the wig stand on the bathroom, run hot water in the bathroom or in the shower and wait until the room becomes steamy.

Afterwards, you can then begin to brush the wig gently with a wide-toothed comb in order to loosen the curls. Remember not to stay too long in the steamy room, when the condensation starts, be sure to remove the wig from the room.

Alternatively, you could use a steamer with your synthetic wig close to it.


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