How to hide double chin for men

A Double chin is a layer of fat below a person’s chin which may sag down and create a wrinkle.

Most men would feel embarrassed when they have double chins as they believe that some women would get turned off by men who have them.

Others would also lose their confidence when they have those extra layers. This is why some would think that need to hide or distract the people’s attention away from their double chin.

Here are some ways on how you can hide double chin:



Exercise men

Often, having a double chin is a sign of obesity, which is why you should go regular exercise. Doing exercises daily would also be worth it, aside from removing your double chin, as it can make your healthy and fit.



V neck

Wearing V-neck tees and sweaters actually creates an optical illusion of making your chin appear less distinct than it actually is, making it a good disguising method. Avoid round neck tees or sweaters as well as tops with buttons.




Growing a beard could help in disguising your double chin. The hair could hide the extra layers completely, which is why most would prefer this method.


Chew gum

chew gum

Chewing gum could help you work out your jaw muscles and lose some of the fat which is built-up around your neck. An alternative is to open your haw and hold it for at least ten seconds.


Do you have other tips on how you can hide double chin?

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