Shirt dress Styling


A Shirt dress is an item that most women love to have in their wardrobes. Aside from it being comfortable to wear, it could also be very versatile as one can wear it in so many ways.

Here are some ways on how you can style a shirt dress.

Experiment with Layering

You could definitely get creative with layering a shirt dress. You may add layers on top of it or under it.

You can choose to wear a jacket or a blazer with your shirt dress and have it buttoned up or not.


You can also wear a petticoat under your skirt to give it an extra detail to your look.

Shirt Dress Petticoat



Wear a belt

As most shirt dresses could be shapeless, your figure would not be visible. You can try to wear a belt to emphasize your waistline and be able to add a detail to your whole look.

Shirt Dress Belt

Go for Accessories

Whether you go for shirt dresses that have colorful prints or plain colors, you could also style your dress by wear accessories which matches the color of your dress.

You can go for accessories which has neutral colors or those that complements the color of your dress or has the same color scheme as your dress.



Do you also love to wear shirt dresses?

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