How to grow longer eyelashes naturally


Women would love to have longer lashes, who wouldn’t? There would be no need in applying fake eyelashes that could sometimes fall off when not glued properly.

Most women tend to lose eyelashes as they grow older, however, there are actually simple ways on how you can grow your eyelashes naturally.

Here are some ways on how to grow longer eyelashes naturally.


Always remove makeup at night

Makeup that gets left in the eye overnight may damage it and could prevent your eyelashes from growing.


Massage eyelids

Be sure to wash your fingers first before massaging your eyelids and do it as gently as possible to avoid eye irritation. Doing a gentle massage in the eyelid area near the lashes could help increase blood flow and circulation which helps grow your eyelashes.

Moisturize eyelashes

Castor Oil has always been known to help promote hair growth, as well as eyelashes growth!


You can use your finger, a clean mascara brush or a cotton swab to apply the oil from the roots of the eyelashes up to the ends. Only apply a drop or two for each eye and do the process once or twice a week.


Eat foods which are high in protein

The cells in your eyelashes are made of purely protein. Whenever your diet lacks the needed protein, your body distributes the protein first to vital organs and often, the eyelashes would not be able to get the protein it needs to build material for new cells.



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