Fashion tips that make you look taller!


Read on for Fashion tips that make you taller!

For people, men and women, who weren’t that gifted when it comes to height, it could be very frustrating to wish that they could become taller. Since that really doesn’t happen instantly, no matter how many glasses of milk we drink every day!

However, there are actually ways to look taller than your real height! Following some helpful fashion tips could help you achieve that life-long dream.

Below are some tips on how to appear taller than you actual are:


The most basic way of looking taller is to wear heels. However, you should pick those shoes which have slim heels so that they wouldn’t look too bulky.


*Skinny Jeans

Wearing dark colored Skinny jeans makes your legs appear elongated and slender, thus making you appear taller than your real height.

Jeans Women

*Vertical Prints

Go for vertical lines and avoid the horizontal ones. This creates an optical illusion, making a person appear tall as the eyes see more height than width.

21men-white-vertical-striped-classic-fit-shirt-product-1-16997318-0-229430492-normal_large_flex Vertical Women


Try a monochromatic look. Wearing clothes with too many colors divides a person’s body and makes it look shorter. So, one should go for a look with minimal colors.



*High Waists

Wearing shorts, jeans, skirts with high waists will make your legs appear long.



Having V-necks as a top would elongate a person’s neck. It could add to the illusion of having an elongated body.

Vneck Men

Vneck Women

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