DIY: Redesigning Jeans


Jeans could probably be one of women’s favorite fashion items. Surely, we all have at least one pair of jeans in our wardrobe. Its style may be changing because of the different kinds of trends that we have today, because of that, many girls would just throw away or keep in their closets those old and unfashionable jeans that they have.

blue-jeans-1-537x402What they don’t know is that you could always recycle or redesign your old jeans and turn them into trendy jeans. Doing these kinds of projects could help you in saving your money too!

Since you don’t really have to buy new jeans just to be ‘in’ with the current trend, why not just make one yourself? Would that not be awesome? Having unique jeans could totally be fun!

All you would need is some patience, creativity and some necessary tools to help you get started with these kinds of fun DIY jeans projects.

Check out these awesome Jeans redesigning projects that you might want to give a try.


 Rip your jeans.

You could even make your own design and/or patterns on how you rip the jeans.

Redesigning Jeans

Add some laces.

Get your preferred lace and sew it on your jeans.

Redesigning Jeans 2

Polka dots.

You could use fabric paint or acrylic paint on it.


Redesigning Jeans with Polka-DotsDye it.

You could choose whether you want to Tie Dye it,

DIY tie dye.jpg4Or give it an Ombre look.


Which project was your favorite?

Have you tried redesigning or recycling your jeans before?

Share with us your ideas below!