fashion tips for guys in college

10 College Style for Guys

fashion tips for guys in college

fashion tips for guys in college

As a student in college, you’re the one who chose the clothes, you who are fully responsible for the appearance of you. No more school uniforms or clothing is selected and prepared your parents, you’re a grown as man.

So now is the time you disassemble your closet, discard oversized clothes and began to build a wardrobe for a man!

You can never go wrong with jeans. But I do not mean just any jeans. Buy jeans with the right fit and made ​​from Raw. Why? Because college is a time before the world of work where you can use jeans almost every day, throughout the semester, for 4-5 years.

So buy Selvaged Raw Denim Jeans, not anything expensive because you will use it up to 10 years. Yes, 10 years! Even later when you are already working. And boy, does Raw Jeans aged well in College.

White T-Shirt
Let’s be honest, who does not like the T-Shirt? Staying use, BAM immediately leaves for college. But not just any T-Shirt, T-Shirt White use PLAIN, do not use a T-Shirt that read, let alone (God forbid) committee shirts, pajamas make so alone.

Back on track, why T-Shirt White? Because the T-Shirt is perfect with all the other clothes. Suitable for newly started studying the art of Mix Match colors.

Varsity Jacket
No, Varsity High School Jacket you did not fall into this category. Avoid Jacket that has writing on the back. Find a plain Varsity Jacket and match with other clothes.
Converse one of my recommendations. In addition to a very strong and durable, Reviews These shoes age well. Using that more and more saucy looks. Nike and Vans Sneakers also issued some simple and nice. DO NOT wear indoor soccer shoes, it belongs on the field.

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Sometimes in college you are required to not jeans, such as hearing or meeting with professors. Instead of using your father’s pants derived ingredients, better use colored Chino Navy Blue.

Oxford shirts
No, once again do not use derivative shirt of your father, because you almost certainly different dress sizes. Shrink, or buy a white shirt or light blue Oxford simple. Suitable for use with Chino Jeans and already you have, and is suitable for a formal dress with a tie or casual with the sleeves rolled up.

Sweatshirt / Sweater
Instead of using oversized hoodie, better use Sweatshirt or better known as the Sweater. Find newfangled Crewneck and Slim-Fit. You can use it with a T-Shirt or the Oxford shirt to look more tidy.

For more formal moments where Sneakers are not enough, use a pair of penny Loafers. Suitable for use with Jeans, Chinos Jackets graduation or even later. Easy to use without the use of straps, these shoes are also quite formal for events attended by students.

As fusion Sweater and Jacket, Cardigan is very versatile, it can be used almost anytime. Can be used with T-Shirt, shirt and blazer look cool reversed. The trick is not to be seen are like grandmothers and grandfathers. Find the pieces that fit, not too big and not too tight.

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Navy Blazer
Navy Blazer in Indonesia is very underrated, people prefer to use a jacket / black blazer that was clearly used for Nightlife or funeral. Moreover, most of the students (again) using a derivative of his father. Be, Blazer given a bad name. Use Blazer fitting, if you can save money to buy a blazer in the famous tailor in your area.

So this Style tips for male college students, but take it easy if all of the list circumstantial bought, the name is also a student. But remember, where there is a will there is a way, there are many ways to earn extra money for investment wardbrobe yours. And trust yourself in 5-10 years to come must be very grateful that you have set aside money to invest in your appearance ranging from student level.

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